Dec.1946 Incorporation of Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.
Began to produce clocks and speed meters
Oct.1951 Establishment of main office
Aug.1953 Opening of Tokyo office
Sep.1955 Establishment of main factory
Jun.1959 Opening of Osaka office
Sep.1959 Establishment of Asahi Kenki MFG Co., Ltd.
(presently known as NS Advantech Co., Ltd.) in Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture
Jul.1961 Opening of Hamamatsu office
Feb.1970 Establishment of Nissei Seivice Co., Ltd.
Dec.1970 Moving of main office and factory to the present place
Dec.1970 Establishment of Matto factory in Ojiya City, Niigata prefecture
July.1971 Establishment of Matto Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. in Ojiya City, Niigata prefecture
Nov.1972 Establishment of N.S,International Co., Ltd in California, U.S.A.
Jun.1973 Establishment of N.S,Electronics Co., Ltd
Aug.1976 Began to produce liquid crystal display
Jul.1978 Establishment of Honda Verno Nagaoka Co., Ltd, a car dealer.
(presently known as Honda Car Sales Nagaoka Co., Ltd.)
Jun.1982 Establishment of YNS Inc.(presently known as NS West Inc.)
in Syobara City, Hiroshima prefecture
Nov.1982 Began to produce hybrid integrated circuits
Nov.1983 Establishment of Nissei Honda Co., Ltd in Nagaoka City
Apr.1985 Establishment of NS. Computer Service Co., Ltd
Mar.1986 Changed the audit from September to March
Jul.1986 Establishment of New Sabina Industries,Inc in Ohio, U.S.A.
Aug.1987 Establishment of UK-NSI Co., Ltd in Worcestershire, U.K.
Feb.1989 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange second section
Nov.1991 Completion of Nippon Seiki R&D Center
Oct.1993 Merger of N.S.Electronics Co., Ltd and FSC Co., Ltd
Apr.1994 Establishment of Hong Kong Ek Chor Nissei Co., Ltd  in Shanghai, China
Feb.1995 Establishment of Shanghai Ek Chor Nissei Co., Ltd
(presently known as Shanghai Nissei Display System Co., Ltd) in Shanghai, China
Aug.1995 Qualified to ISO-9001 Standard
Dec.1995 Establishment of Thai Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd in Chonburi, Thailand
Feb.1996 Establishment of Honda Car Sales Nagaoka Co., Ltd.
Dec.1996 Qualified to QS9000 Standard, GM, Ford, Chrysler requirements
Dec.1996 Merger of N.S.Electronics Co., Ltd and NS parts Co., Ltd.
Sep.1997 Integrated the basements of N.S.International to Mishigan,U.S.A.
Sep.1997 Establishment of Thai Matto Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. in Chombri, Thailand
Oct.1998 Establishment of 2nd. display plant in Nagaoka City, Niigata
Aug.1999 Qualified to ISO-14001 Standard
Jul.2000 Establishment of NS Advantech Co., Ltd
Jan.2001 Opening of Hong Kong office
Nov.2001 Establishment of Hong Kong Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. in China
Dec.2001 Establishment of PT. Indonesia Nippon Seiki in Banten, Indonesia
Dec.2001 Invest money to JNS Instruments Ltd.
Apr.2002 Subsidializing of Yamato Honda Co., Ltd
Aug.2002 Establishment of Nippon Seiki Do Brasil Ltda in Amazonas, Brasil
Dec.2002 Establishment of Nippon Seiki (Europe) B.V. in Amsterdam, Netherland
Sep.2003 Establishment of Dongguan Nissei Electronics Co., Ltd.
Mar.2004 Opening Munich office in Germany by Nippon Seiki (Europe) B.V.
Jun.2004 Establishment of Nantong NS Advantech Co., Ltd
Jul.2004 Qualified to ISO/TS16949 standards
Oct.2004 Establishment of IDC center in Nagaoka City by NS Computer Service Co., Ltd.
Nov.2004 Establishment of NS morters Co., Ltd.
(presently known as Car Station Niigata Co., Ltd.)
Dec.2004 Establishment of Cixi Zhengtong Electronics Co., Ltd. in Nagaoka
(presently known as Zhejiang Nissei Display System Co., Ltd.)
May.2006 Establishment of Mazda car Sales Nagaoka Co., Ltd.
Jun.2006 Merger of Honda Car Sales Nagaoka Co., Ltd. and Yamato Honda Co., Ltd.
Jul.2006 Completion of Nippon Seiki Technical Center
Aug.2006 Establishment of NS Sao Paulo Components Automotivos Ltda. In Sao Paulo,Brasil
Mar.2007 Establishment of Vietnam Nippon SeikiCo., Ltd. in Hanoi, Vietnam
Aug.2007 Establishment of Nippon Seiki Consumer Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Chomburi, Thailand
Apr.2008 Establishment of Nippon Seiki De Mexico S.A. De C.V.
and Nissei Advantech Mexico S.A. De C.V. in Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Oct.2009 Gaining a stake of Tatung Precise Meter Co., Ltd. (presently known as Taiwan Nissei Display System Co., Ltd.) and Subsidiarization of Changzhou Nissei Display System Co., Ltd.
Jul.2010 Gaining a stake of and Subsidiarization of Zhejiang Nissei Display System Co., Ltd.(Its liquidation was completed in March 2016.)
Dec.2010 Affiliated with Niigata Mazda Co., Ltd.
Jun.2011 Establishment of Wuhan Nissei Display System Co., Ltd.
Feb.2012 Establishment of NS Instruments India in Southern India
Mar.2012 Establishment of Nissei Display Sales and Development Co., Ltd. located in Shnghai.
Oct.2012 Opening of Tokyo techenical center located in Tokyo
Apr.2013 Establishment of Nissei Display Mexico, S.A. De C.V. in Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Oct.2013 Establishment of Danang Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. in Da Nang, Vietnam.
Sep.2016 Development cloud-based remote monitoring system for plants
Feb.2019 Establishment of Nippon Seiki Poland Sp. Z o.o.

as of 26 June 2019