Environmental action

Environmental policy

1.Declaration on Environment

We, Nippon Seiki, acknowledge global environmental issues as a major concern for our business management.
Through our corporate activities which place high importance on "motivation" , "society" , "customers" and "people", we will endeavor to create a safe society which harmoniously co-exists with the environment and continue providing high-value-added products and services.

2. Environmental policy

We will, through our corporate activities of development, design, manufacture and sales of instrument clusters, consumer products, and display products, promote and continuously improve our awareness of environmental management. We strive to implement environmental policies that are concerned with the prevention of global warning, efficient use of resources, and prevention of environmental pollution.

  1. The means of compliance will be expressed in relevant management procedures and standards, and all restrictions and standard values will be complied under appropriate observation.
    We will make every effort to improve our impact on the environment.
  2. We will establish environmental objectives and targets under the analysis of social situations and customers' requirements. The environment management program will be planned, practiced, assessed, and revised under the PDCA-cycle.
    Particularly, we will approach the following issues in close coordination with
    our corporate activities and make continuous improvements in:

    • Reduction in energy and resource consumption
    • Reduction in waste and promotion of recycling
    • Appropriate control of chemical substances used and contained in products
  3. We will promote the reduction of waste and implement activities for global environmental preservation in every stage of the products from development and design to manufacture.
    We will make every effort to produce products which are environment-friendly throughout their life cycle.
  4. We will establish and maintain the environment management system to accomplish these activities based on this Environmental Policy.
    We will provide environmental education and promote environmental issues to all our employees.

28th June, 2017
Morito Sato

§ Notification of the Environmental policy

The Environmental Policy is established by the president.
It is then documented, printed in the TQM notebook and distributed to the members of our corporation,Conversely, the policy is explained, by management, to our employees during regular meetings.
The Environmental Policy is posted and published on our corporate web site.

§ Revision of the Environmental policy

The Environmental Policy is revised annually in February, as part of the management review
of the environment management system. Reviews of the Environmental Policy is conducted in the environment management system review meeting. Decisions about new policies are made by the committee and any revisions are made under the signature of the president.

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