Consumer products

Apart from supplying instrument clusters for automobiles, Nippon Seiki also manufactures household appliances, office automation appliances and factory automation appliances. One of the reasons for our success is that we have transferred our knowledge and technical skills from the automotive area and applied it to other fields. These skills mean that our products are innovative and reliable as well as conforming to environmental standards. Our EMS business provides customer satisfaction from the design stage to the production stage.

Household appliance Office automation appliance Factory automation appliance

Household appliances

Nippon Seiki also makes a series of household products striving to make life better and convenient for people. We manufacture displays (monochrome, color, full color), intercom systems, wireless communication products and products which require waterproofing technology. With our innovative technology, we can make our products thin and compact. Our products fully satisfy customers' needs and requirements.

Product lineup

給湯機用リモコン(台所用) 給湯機用リモコン(風呂用)
Remote controller (kitchen) Remote controller (bath)
Packaged air conditioner remote controller
ルームエアコン用リモコン 集中コントローラ
Air conditioner remote controller Integration system controller

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Office automation appliances

Control panels for copiers, printers, facsimiles and multi-functional products require high-quality display technology and usable operating systems. Nippon Seiki has state-of -the -art technology to achieve these requirements

Product lineup

複写機用操作パネル 複写機用操作パネル
Control panels for copy machines Control panels for copy machines
Control panels for printers

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Factory automation appliance

We have cultivated advanced technology in the automotive field and with this knowledge we have transferred it to our industrial appliances. We focus on manufacturing products that are highly reliable, durable and we ensure the products comply with environmental standards. We also develop various products which features TFT (thin-film transistors), displays and wireless communication functions

Product lineup

Sequence controller

Overseas sites

Hong Kong Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.
Sales office in Hong Kong, China.

Dongguan Nissei Electronics Co., Ltd.
Factory for consumer products in Dongguan,China.

Nippon Seiki Consumer Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Factory and sales office in Thailand.

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