Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) of Nippon Seiki [Design / Production Contracting Services]

EMS of Nippon Seiki is a process integrated with the technology we have built up in the automotive business over many years. We meet the various demands of our customers on a global scale – from design to manufacturing – to provide high quality, high performance and high reliability manufacturing with peace of mind.

Three Concepts of EMS of Nippon Seiki

What is the EMS of Nippon Seiki?

We have cartooned our EMS to make intelligible.  There are 2 types, electrification technologies version and overseas production version. Both are 2 pages.  Please take a look!
EMS comix
Electrification technologies version (2.5MB)
Overseas production version (2.8MB)

Partner EMS

We provide “coordination” technologies backed up by our knowledge and experience as a Tier 1 supplier of automotive equipment.

We also occasionally coordinate with OEMs (car manufacturers) in place of Tier 1 suppliers by acting as a partner with the same perspective as Tier 1 suppliers in addition to serving as a bridge between Tier 1 suppliers and device suppliers. You will further strengthen your core competencies and Nippon Seiki will compensate in the places where you need help.

For example, Nippon Seiki complements the electronic system area in Tier 1 suppliers who specialize in mechanical parts to contribute to the strengthening of the mechatronics business of tier 1 suppliers.

Switch from a vertically integrated business model to an open business model and leave to Nippon Seiki the fields where you have little experience. This will allow us to provide efficient and smooth product design, production design, parts procurement and manufacturing.

We also handle evaluations (e.g., automotive reliability tests) at your request.

Automotive EMS

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We provide the technologies and products indispensable in the IoT business.

It is essential to understand the hierarchical structures of IoT technology and to procure technologies and products according to each hierarchical structure to develop IoT business. In particular, the key to this is the reliability of the sensors and sensor networks that gather information in the field.

Nippon Seiki handles products that realize packaging of various devices with high reliability. We provide manufacturing optimal for the IoT business based on the waterproof, dustproof and explosion proof packaging technologies and sensor technologies we have built up in each business.

Nippon Seiki is also currently developing SMASH as an in-house business. This is a highly reliable cloud-based remote monitoring system that covers almost all the hierarchical structures of the IoT. Taking advantage of this experience, we will contribute to the realization of the sensors and senor networks in your IoT business.

Please consider us if you are a fabless company, venture company or startup company involved in the planning of IoT business.

SMASH: Highly Reliable Cloud-based Remote Monitoring System (Japanese website)

Nippon Seiki’s Environmental Durability Packaging Technologies

Areas in the IoT Hierarchy That Can Be Undertaken by Nippon Seiki

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Global EMS

We provide networks and resources deployed on a global basis.

Nippon Seiki is developing business by building bases and networks on a global basis in the fields of automotive equipment, industrial equipment and consumer equipment. We utilize these global networks and resources to flexibly meet diverse needs.

We have deployed manufacturing bases with features that meet the needs of a variety of products in various places. This means we are capable of offering a global response that includes quality assurance – from parts procurement to manufacturing.

Global Bases

Global Bases


EMS & Component Business Dept. Tokyo office EMS operation

TEL: +81-3-5815-8047
Reception hours:
10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (JAPAN TIME)

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