Driver information systems
Instrument clusters and Head-Up Display

Nippon Seiki develops and produces a wide variety of instrument clusters for automobiles, motorcycles, construction machines, agricultural machinery and boats. We also produce head-up displays (HUD) for automobiles.
Our development concept is ' Safety and Comfort'.
Nippon Seiki designs instrument clusters for all sectors of the vehicle market and consistently adheres to the philosophy of fun and safety: products which make society a safer place but designed to increase driving enjoyment.

Instrument clusters for automobiles
Instrument clusters for motorcycles
Instrument clusters for other applications
Head-Up Display (HUD)

Instrument clusters for automobiles

The automotive industry is rapidly changing and Nippon Seiki responds positively to these changes.  Instrument clusters are increasingly becoming more sophisticated  with  an increase in ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) functions, ergonomic improvements and  enhanced safety features. To respond to an aging population, clusters must also focus on enhancing visibility.
Nippon Seiki is a leading supplier of instrument clusters in the world and offers state-of-the-art technology in this field.

Light-emitting type


HONDA CR-Z Light- Emitting clusters are designed to increase brightness of illumination, give greater contrast and use multiple colors. This effect increases the appeal of driving as well as maximizing visibility even in the daytime.

Normal type


SUBARU LEGACY Simple yet stylish. Illuminations are used effectively, which improve the look and the visibility of the dials.

Digital & Analog combination type


MITSUBISHI アウトランダー With a combination of both analog indicators and digital display technology the cluster is capable of providing a diverse set of information to the driver as well as offering excellent visibility.

Head-Up Display (HUD) for automobiles

Nippon Seiki is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of head-up displays (HUD) for automotive application. With years of experience, this allows us to provide suitable solutions for all types of vehicles.
HUD enables drivers to focus on the road ahead because all necessary information is displayed on the windshield so there is little eye movement as compared to using a conventional instrument cluster.
HUD is increasing becoming more popular in the European and North American markets because HUD provides a comfortable and safe driving experience.



BMW 5 Series

HUD表示イメージ図 HUD enables drivers to focus on important information, which is projected onto the windshield such as vehicle speed, navigation directions and speed limit restrictions.

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Instrument clusters for motorcycles

Nippon Seiki has been constantly delivering innovative products to our customers. In order to meet the expanding global demands, Nippon Seiki will continue to enhance our global manufacturing systems and deliver reliable and high-quality products the world over.

Analog type


HONDA CB1100 A classic style of motorcycle cluster with easy to read pointers and dial plates.

Digital & Analog combination type

TRIUMPH Daytona675

TRIUMPH デイトナ675 Both conventional analog indicators and digital display technology are used to create a sophisticated cluster, which provides the rider with an extensive amount of information.

All digital type


HONDA CB1000R Although the cluster is compact it is designed with advanced technology so that a vast amount of information can be displayed.

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Instrument clusters for other applications

Nippon Seiki makes instrument clusters for a range of products other than cars or motorcycles.

These include construction machinery, agricultural machinery, boats and snowmobiles. Our products are designed for superior performance even under the most severe environmental conditions.


Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd./Caterpillar Japan Ltd./Chrysler Group LLC/KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO.,LTD./Komatsu Ltd./Jaguar Land Rover/SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION/SUMITOMO(S.H.I.)CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO.,LTD./GENERAL MOTORS COMPANY/DAIHATSU MOTOR CO., LTD./Triumph Motorcycles Limited/NISSAN MOTOR CO.,LTD/Harley-Davidson Japan K.K./Piaggio & C spa/BMW A.G/Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd./Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd./Peugeot Citroen S.A/Polaris industries Inc/Honda Motor Co., Ltd./Mazda Motor Corporation/Mitsubishi Motors/Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd/YANMAR Co., Ltd

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