Sensor products

Customer safety is our number one concern. 'Your safety, our delight` is  our motto and
this reflects our commitment to making high-quality sensors which detect information accurately and reliably.  Our vision is to supply sensors which perform in all respects to the highest standards.
With our innovation and our advanced packaging technology we are able to manufacture
sensors which are compact, precise, durable and highly reliable.

Sensor lineup

液面センサ Level sensor See products lineup
Revolution sensor Revolution sensor See products lineup
Pressure sensor Pressure sensor See products lineup
Angle sensor See products lineup
温度センサ Temperature sensor See products lineup

Production sites

Our sensors are produced from 8 sites around the world. センサ生産拠点
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Japan Nippon Seiki Co.,Ltd.
N.S.Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Brazil Nippon Seiki Do Brasil Ltda.
Thailand Thai Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.
Indonesia PT.Indonesia Nippon Seiki
Vietnam Vietnam Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.
India JNS Instruments Ltd.
Taiwan Taiwan Nissei Display System Co., Ltd.
China Shanghai Nissei Display System Co., Ltd.

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