Car sales Business

Based on our motto of relief and sincerity,
we provide a variety of car-related services to local people.

<Major Businesses>
・ New car dealers (Honda, Mazda, Suzuki, Daihatsu)
・ Used car sales/ Purchase
・ Statutory safety inspection and repair service
・ Car rental service

Honda Cars Nagaoka
[ Honda dealers ]

We strive to create stores that satisfy our customers.
We look forward to a long-term relationship with you all.

  • Nagaoka store
  • Miyauchi store
  • Nishi-Honjoji store
  • Matsumi store
  • U-Select Nagaoka
  • Kitamachi store
  • Tsubame-Sanjo store
  • Kashiwazaki store
  • Joetsu store
  • U-Select Joetsu Odori
  • Tanaka store
  • Agano store

Niigata Mazda
[ Mazda dealers ]

We support our customers through a network of 16 stores in Niigata prefecture.
We will continue to provide peace of mind with reliable technology so that we can share the "driving pleasure."

  • Yamakido store
  • Ariakedai store
  • Shibata store
  • Gosen store
  • Sanjo store
  • Horinouchi store
  • Kameda store
  • Shirone store
  • Yoshida store
  • Nagaoka store
  • Showa-dori store
  • Koide store
  • Muikamachi store
  • Joetsu store
  • Kashiwazaki store
  • Itoigawa store

Mazda Mobility Niigata Co., Ltd.
[ Times CAR franchisees ]

Many stores are located near train stations and aiports where rental cars are in demand.
We will do our utmost to support our customers so that they can use our products easily.

  • Meike store
  • Niigata Station-Front store
  • Niigata Airport store
  • Tsubame-Sanjo store
  • Nagaoka store
  • Nagaoka Station Ote-guchi store
  • Joetsu store
  • Joetsu Myoko Station-Front Store
  • Sado Ryotsu store

Car Station Niigata Co., Ltd.
[ Suzuki dealers,
Daihatsu dealers, and used cars ]

From a wide range of used cars to new cars,
we can offer suitable cars to our customers and help them enjoy their driving experiences.

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