Message from the President

Message from the President

The Nippon Seiki Group’s corporate purpose is “We contribute toward a safe and sustainable future.” Based the purpose, we practice our management philosophy, “We contribute to the sustainable prosperity of society and our business, by adhering to and challenging the lean principles.”

We have grown by accumulating and evolving a broad range of advanced specialized technologies, centered on design and manufacturing technologies for automotive instruments and other products.
At heart, we are a company that develops and manufactures automotive instruments and related components; however, we also produce daily use items such as remote controls for air conditioners and office automation equipment control panels.
Continuing to offer innovating products, we provide peace of mind, safety and excitment to our stakeholders.
Embracing head-up displays contribute to road safety as drivers don't need to take their eyes off the road while assimilating constantly changing driving information.
Our vision is a world of zero traffic accidents. We seek to lead the commercialization of head up displays, using our cutting-edge technology, becoming available to all vehicles.

In addition, we are striving to create a prosperous society by reducing electricity consumption, producing smaller and lighter parts. At the same time, we will enhance our service-related businesses so that everyone's lives are more comfortable and more affluent, and the various products and services we provide will contribute to the development and prosperity of society.
As a business, we will continue to pursue the creation of new value by further refining our product development technologies, manufacturing technologies, and data utilization technologies so that we can continue to provide solutions that meet your needs.

We would like to ask for your continued understanding and further support.

April 2024

President and Representative Director
Kouichi Sato