News Release

First Publication of Integrated Report “NIPPON SEIKI REPORT 2021”

We have published our first “NIPPON SEIKI REPORT 2021” (Integrated Report). It is now available on this website.


The report provides stakeholders (customers, business partners, shareholders, local communities, employees, etc.) with an overall picture of our corporate activities, value creation process and materiality, as well as social issues we resolve through our business.The report also provides a comprehensive overview and explanations of our efforts to realize a sustainable society from the perspectives of E (environment), S (society) and G (governance).

The Nippon Seiki Group will continue to contribute to the resolution of social issues through its business activities, continue its efforts to enhance corporate value. At the same time, we will proactively respond to the expectations of its stakeholders by proactively disclosing information.

■Outline of “NIPPON SEIKI REPORT 2021” (Integrated Report)

・Profile of the Nippon Seiki group
 History / Overview / Financial and Non-Financial Highlights
・Value Creation Process of the Nippon Seiki group
 Message from the President / Sustainability Policy / Value Creation Process / Materiality / Business of the Group
・ESG Initiatives
 Environmental (E) Initiatives / Social (S) Initiatives / Corporate Governance (G) Initiatives
・Financial Statements
・Third-Party Opinion
 Directors and Corporate Auditors / Third Party Opinion

■URL of “NIPPON SEIKI REPORT 2021” (Integrated Report)

NIPPON SEIKI REPORT 2021 front cover