Efforts for Environment

Basic Concept

Nippon Seiki Group has established the basic environmental policy, and has positioned global environmental issues as an important management issue. With the aim of realizing a safe and sustainable society in harmony with the environment, we are making continuous improvements to achieve the environmental policy as well as environmental objectives and targets. In Japan and 20 manufacturing plants in 11 countries around the world, we are expanding our business globally to provide safety and peace of mind to society. We will flexibly utilize design and production technologies developed over many years to enhance our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities through synergies. At the same time, we will integrate the environmental management system of ISO14001 (2015 version) into our business activities on a global scale and promote activities to reduce environmental impact.

Environmental Policy

  1. Environmental declaration
    We, Nippon Seiki, acknowledge realization of a sustainable society as a major concern for our business management. Through our corporate activities which place high importance on“ strong will”,“ society”,“ customers” and “people”, we will endeavor to create a safe and secure society which harmoniously co-exists with the environment and continue providing high-value-added products and services.
  2. Environmental policy
    We will, through our corporate activities of development, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing of instruments, consumer products and resin compound, deploy activities to mitigate environmental impacts and protect the environment, and promote continual improvement. We strive to implement environmental policies that are concerned with prevention of global warming, efficient use of resources, preservation of biodiversity, prevention of environmental pollution and climate change adaptation.
  • (1) We will identify the environmental laws and regulations pertaining to each element of our business activities, products, services, facilities and equipments, and identify the requirements from community and customer. We will establish the compliance process, properly monitor and comply with the standard values, and then make every effort to mitigating our environmental impacts.
  • (2) We will establish achieving targets for midterm and single fiscal year under the analysis of social situations and customers' requirements.
    The action plan will be formulated, practiced, assessed, and the performance will be achieved by improving the environmental management system.Particularly, we will approach the following issues in close coordination with our corporate activities and make continual improvements in;
    ・Efficiency improvement in energy and resource consumption, Reduction in the amount of waste
    ・Reduction of GHG (Green House Gas) emission
    ・Promotion of adaptation to every emergency situations
    ・Appropriate control of chemical substances used and contained in products
  • (3) We will promote the reduction of waste and implement activities for global environmental preservation in every stage of the products from development and design to manufacturing. We will make every effort to produce products which are environment-friendly throughout their life cycle.
  • (4) We will deepen cooperation between the business process and the environmental management system to accomplish these activities based on this environmental policy. We will provide environmental education and internal awareness activities to all our employees.

Environmental Impact of Nippon Seiki Group(FY2022)

Environmental Impact of NS Group
The Eighth Environmental Target

We set environmental objectives and targets every three years and continue to promote activities to reduce environmental impact. The results for FY2022 are as follows.

The Eighth Environmental Target
[Information disclosure based on the Task Force on Climate Change Financial Disclosures (TCFD)] Risk Management/Strategy Goals and indicators
[Information disclosure based on the Task Force on Climate Change Financial Disclosures (TCFD)] Risk Management/Strategy Goals and indicators

Supplier Sustainability

Supplier Sustainability Guidelines

Our company is promoting its business activities under the new management philosophy of “We will continue to challenge ourselves as a muscular company and contribute to the sustainable prosperity of society and the company.”
In order to achieve this goal, we believe that the understanding and cooperation of our business partners is necessary, and we have issued “Supplier Sustainability Guidelines” in order to build relationships with transparency and fairness.

Green Procurement Guidelines

We, Nippon Seiki, have established “NS Green Procurement Guidelines” as to “procure environmentally-friendly products from suppliers promotingenvironmental business activities.”

Green Procurement Guideline Response Format
1.”Green Procurement” Self-Evaluation Sheet [April 1, 2013]

This is an agreement form which suppliers must agree to Nippon Seiki Green procurement guidelines.

2.”EMS Self check sheet” [February 19, 2024]

Please conduct a self-evaluation of the status of the establishment of EMS (Environmental Management System) by suppliers.

3.”Declaration of Non-Use of RoHS Restricted Substances” [April 1, 2024]

These forms are used to fill in Nippon Seiki Green procurement guidelines cooperation agreement Form.

4.Precision Analysis Data of RoHS Restricted Substances [April 1, 2024]

Please use this form when individually requested by Nippon Seiki.

Restricted Substances List
Automotive version
Consumer product version