Efforts for Governance


Compliance Declaration

In order to become a corporate group that is even more trusted by society, the Nippon Seiki Group engages in compliance-oriented management, complies with laws and ethics as a socially responsible entity, and strives to practice sound corporate activities.
We have established the Compliance Code of Conduct and aim to be a corporate group that is trusted by society by all employees, including directors, acting in accordance with the Code of Conduct.
We will also contribute to the prosperity of society by providing high-value products and services that satisfy our customers.
Furthermore, we will take a firm stance against antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society, and will not have any relationship with them.
We will continue to make improvements and declare that we will conduct our corporate activities with an emphasis on compliance.

Jun. 26, 2020
Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director

With Employees

Fostering autonomous and self-motivated human resources

In order to survive in global competition, we conduct education and training for more than 20 programs a year with the aim of fostering "autonomous thought" global human resources who can take the initiative, think and act themselves and respond quickly to changes.
Training by rank and category covers a wide range of areas, including "management skills," "business skills," "communication skills," and "mental health care," and offer training programs that match the careers of our employees.
With a large number of overseas companies, we have established a Language Training Center to foster employees with high language skills, such as English and Chinese, and an international sense at an early stage.

Fostering autonomous and self-motivated human resources
Fostering autonomous and self-motivated human resources
Initiatives to Support Work-Family Balance

We aim to be a company in which "all employees maintain a balance between work and family life, and continue to work while demonstrating higher performance with higher motivation."
Based on "the Next Generation Education Support Measures Act" and "the Women's Activity Promotion Act" established in 2020, "the General Business Owner Action Plan" aims to encourage the use of paid-holidays, to reduce overtime work, to promote awareness and understanding of the Work-life balance system, to maintain a 10% or higher ratio of female employees, and to promote the acquisition of child care leave or shorter working hours for male employees.
As part of these efforts, we are registered as a "Happy Partner Company," an initiative unique to Niigata Prefecture that accredits and supports companies that promote the development of a work environment and other measures that facilitate a balance between work and family life (nursing care, childcare, etc.).

  • 新潟県ハッピー・パートナー企業
  • イクメン応援宣言企業
  • 仕事と介護の両立支援
Health maintain and promotion

To ensure the safety and health of our employees and to create a comfortable working environment, we are implementing a variety of initiatives based on relevant laws and our "Occupational Health and Safety Policy".
Specifically, the Safety and Health Committee plays a role in investigating measures to prevent occupational accidents and dangers, and in conducting workplace inspections to identify and resolve problems at an early stage. In addition, in order to maintain and improve the mental and physical health of employees, we have established a cooperation and support system among health nurses in the company, industrial counselors, and industrial physicians and psychiatrists. Health consultations by health nurses, counseling and career consultations by industrial counselors are available at all times. In addition, we provide detailed support, including follow-up on the results of various health checkups, regular mental health checkups, training on health management, and dietary guidance.

Efforts for Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Based on the "Respect for Human" philosophy of safety, we will realize our management philosophy through our global and diverse business activities, including the development, design, procurement of materials, manufacturing, sales, and quality assurance of products and parts, and through these activities, we will strive to improve and promote continuous and aggressive initiatives for risks and opportunities related to occupational health and safety, with the aim of eliminating occupational accidents.
In particular, we regard occupational health and safety as one of the important issues that form the foundation of our management, and this will lead to the continuous enhancement of safety awareness among each and every employee.

  • (1)Efforts will be made to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and to achieve safety targets in all business areas.
  • (2)We will strive to create a system that further encourages responsibility and behavior in order to raise awareness of safety behavior in "Safety First" among all employees.
  • (3)We will investigate and evaluate potential dangers, hazards, and opportunities in the workplace in all divisions through risk assessment and strive for continuous improvement.
  • (4)We establish occupational health and safety targets and promote them into our business plan in order to implement detailed occupational health and safety activities that are consistent with the actual conditions of each workplace.
  • (5)Recognizing that the mental health of workers is an important issue for the well-being of workers and their families and for the creation of productive and vibrant workplaces, we strive to promote mental health in a broad sense, including compliance with laws and regulations and the activation of communication with representatives of workers and workers.
  • (6)All employees will implement, maintain and continuously improve their occupational health and safety management systems.
  • (7)Promote commitment to consultation and participation by representatives of workers and workers.

May 1, 2020
Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director