Efforts for Society

Basic Concept

Our group will not only focus on improving production efficiency, but also will striving to conduct business operations in accordance with our group's management philosophy, based on compliance with laws and regulations and respect for the human rights of employees.

We will contribute to society by utilizing our own technologies to develop products that address social issues.
Also, we will promote the enhancement of Health and productivity management, considering the promotion of employees’ health as a social issue in a broader sense.
In addition, we will contribute to the development of a sustainable society through management of human resources, safety, and quality, as well as activities that contribute to local communities.

Response to social issues

On June 10, 2021, we visited Mr. Isoda, Mayor of Nagaoka, to report on two products developed in order to contribute by our techniques with "Made in Nagaoka" to the New Normal era. The mayor said, "I feel there are possibilities to meet the needs of businesses and public services. We will use the products and get feedback from local residents."
Mr. Isoda also said, "We hope that Nippon Seiki will participate in our business creation activities at the Kome hyappyo place and the NadeC Base, which are city coworking spaces for citizens and students to inspire innovation and generate new ideas ."

Response to social issues

[Participants] Nagaoka City: Mayor Isoda, Vice Mayor Takami, Head of Commerce and Industry Mr. Hasegawa Nippon Seiki: President Sato, Operating Officer Mr. Numaya (Engineering Headquarters), Operating Officer Mr. Miyazawa (Consumer Product Business Headquarters)

Promotion of Health and productivity management

Our group is working to promote Health and productivity management.

Nippon Seiki Group Health Declaration

"In order to realize our management philosophy, it is essential for our employees and their families to be healthy and happy in body and mind. We, Nippon Seiki Group, will actively support our employees who can feel healthy, energetic, and fulfilled in their work and can take on challenges, thereby contributing to the realization of a safe, secure, and sustainable society."

Health and Wellbeing Report 2021

To ensure the safety and health of our employees and to create a comfortable working environment, we are implementing a variety of initiatives based on relevant laws and our "Occupational health and safety policy". For the mental and physical health of employees, we have established a cooperation and support system among health nurses in the company, industrial counselors, and industrial physicians and psychiatrists. Health consultations by health nurses, counseling and career consultations by industrial counselors are available at all times. In addition, we provide detailed support, including follow-up on the results of various health checkups, regular mental health checkups, training on health management, and dietary guidance.

Award received Award received

Contribution to Local Communities

Participation in and support of local festivals

Nippon Seiki's head office is located in Nagaoka city, Niigata prefecture, where many people died in Second World War air raids. Every year in August, Nagaoka city holds the Nagaoka Festival with prayers for lasting peace.
Nippon Seiki Group has been participating in the dance parade and sponsoring the fireworks of the Nagaoka Festival as a part of our contribution to local communities.

Nagaoka festival
Volunteer Activities

Every year, we have been engaged in a variety of activities, such as Cleaning after Nagaoka firework festivals, tree-planting and collecting used disposable chopsticks, etc.

Volunteer Activities

Sports Promotion/ Regional Revitalization

In June 2021, we became one of "Niigata vital partner companies" of Albrex Niigata Ladies Co., Ltd. We support Albirex's contribution to the creation of a rich sports culture that links the region and the world. We will hold soccer classes for children in cooperation with Albirex Niigata Ladies where our employees will act as volunteers.

Albirex Niigata Ladies
Our social contribution activities at overseas subsidiaries Our social contribution activities at overseas subsidiaries