Efforts for Society

Basic Concept

Our group will not only focus on improving production efficiency, but also will striving to conduct business operations in accordance with our group's management philosophy, based on compliance with laws and regulations and respect for the human rights of employees.

We will contribute to society by utilizing our own technologies to develop products that address social issues.
Also, we will promote the enhancement of Health and productivity management, considering the promotion of employees’ health as a social issue in a broader sense.
In addition, we will contribute to the development of a sustainable society through management of human resources, safety, and quality, as well as activities that contribute to local communities.

Response to social and regional issues

CO2 Lamp (CO2 concentration meter)

This product uses optical decoration technology for automobile meters and air conditioner remote controllers to check the CO2 concentration, which is used as a reference for ventilation from a distance of 360 degrees, depending on the output of the built-in sensors using light and sound in three colors.
Unlike sensors that respond to ethanol, opto-acoustic (PAS) CO2 sensors are next-generation optical sensors that utilize the infrared wavelength responsiveness of CO2 recommended by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in the Guidelines for the Selection of Carbon Dioxide Concentration Measurement Instruments. Accurate detection of carbon dioxide concentration in enclosed space.

CO2 Lamp

Car-sharing service

Group company Car Station Niigata Co., Ltd.'s Coco Select Nagaoka Store provides a flat-rate car sharing service for students of the Nagaoka Institute of Design, a local public interest university.
At the university, most students do not own private cars, and there are many students who graduate without having the opportunity to come into contact with the local environment outside of the university's neighborhood, even though there are restrictions on going out or moving around due to COVID-19.
Through this car-sharing service, we will continue to support students to lead fulfilling university lives.

Car-sharing service

Operation of Programming Schools

NS Computer Services Co., Ltd. is running programming school in Nagaoka City. The school provide children with a place to learn IT skills. As part of our activities, we also create opportunities for elementary school students to experience IT technologies, such as drone operation. We plan and promote the development of local human resources and the revitalization of IT industry by participating in and planning local events.


Agreement on the Supply of Fuel in Times of Disaster

Nissei Service Co., Ltd., a group company that handles our logistics, has concluded an agreement with Nagaoka City to secure fuel (diesel oil) for Nagaoka City's official vehicles in the event of a disaster. This is the first initiative in Niigata Prefecture to establish a system in which private service stations of logistics companies and local governments work together. We will support the disaster response of Nagaoka City, which has introduced clean diesel vehicles, and contribute to the creation of a disaster-resistant community.

Agreement on the Supply of Fuel in Times of Disaster


We developed Holfee, a guidance system for mini excavators that utilizes sensor sensing technology.
By installing a simple sensor unit without wiring to the mini excavator and installing a simple smartphone application, the ground excavation depth is guided to the operator during horizontal and slope construction, and information on the target excavation depth and slope is conveyed to the operator so that the operator can easily perform a skilled operation. The system is easy-to-use designs for inexperienced people. It helps to address the shortage of manpower in the construction industry and the problem of inheriting the skills of experienced workers.


Promotion of Health and productivity management

Our group is working to promote Health and productivity management.

Nippon Seiki Group Health Declaration

"In order to realize our management philosophy, it is essential for our employees and their families to be healthy and happy in body and mind. We, Nippon Seiki Group, will actively support our employees who can feel healthy, energetic, and fulfilled in their work and can take on challenges, thereby contributing to the realization of a safe, secure, and sustainable society."

Health and Wellbeing Report 2023

To ensure the safety and health of our employees and to create a comfortable working environment, we are implementing a variety of initiatives based on relevant laws and our "Occupational health and safety policy". For the mental and physical health of employees, we have established a cooperation and support system among health nurses in the company, industrial counselors, and industrial physicians and psychiatrists. Health consultations by health nurses, counseling and career consultations by industrial counselors are available at all times. In addition, we provide detailed support, including follow-up on the results of various health checkups, regular mental health checkups, training on health management, and dietary guidance.

Strategy Map for Health Strategy Map for Health

Contribution to Local Communities

Participation in and support of local festivals

Nagaoka City in Niigata Prefecture, where the Nippon Seiki Headquarters is located, was the victim of many World War II air raids. Nagaoka City, with its historical background, hosts the Nagaoka Festival in August every year, with the memories of the victims and prayers for lasting peace.
The Nagaoka Festival is held the day before, and the Nagaoka Fireworks Festival is one of Japan's largest festivals. The Nagaoka Festival is a part of our community contribution activities by supporting various media projects related to the festival.

Nagaoka festival
Volunteer Activities

Every year, we have been engaged in a variety of activities, such as Cleaning after Nagaoka firework festivals, tree-planting and collecting used disposable chopsticks, etc.

Volunteer Activities

Creation of regional cooperation through industry-university collaborative classes

We conducted industry-academia collaboration classes with the Nagaoka Institute of Design, a local public interest university.
Under the title of "Proposal for daily necessities design (attempt to visualize information at home)," students try to design tools for daily use at home "to make invisible" using Nippon Seiki's sensing technology. For students, this was an opportunity to communicate their ideas to the world in cooperation with local companies.

Creation of regional cooperation through industry-university collaborative classes

Sports promotion/regional revitalization

Together with Albirex Niigata Ladies, we visit local elementary schools to hold soccer events and career education on the theme of "Creating a bright future and fostering human resources who can contribute to society."
Our employees are also involved in the planning and management of events, contributing to the local community and developing human resources.

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